It is now possible to receive a wealth of current Minnesota birding information on your mobile device.


Duluth birder Rich Hoeg has created an app for both Apple/IOS and Android systems. The app is free, thanks to Rich, and it has no commercials or hooks of any kind. It is a wonderful holiday gift to the Minnesota birding community.


Thank you, Rich!!


Open Google Play or the Apple App Store on your mobile device. Search on these exact words: Minnesota Birding News.


Follow instructions to download and install. In addition, a detailed description of the app with installation comments / instructions are available via Rich’s blog:


Here is what the app gives you:  


1) Latest posts from Minnesota birding blogs that support RSS technology

(i.e. RSS pushes new posts out automatically).


2) Access to web sites from Minnesota birding organizations, Miinnesota

birding blogs which do not support RSS, Minnesota birding areas, and other

miscellaneous Minnesota birding web sites.


3) The latest bird sighting reports statewide from both the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union (state bird club) and eBird.


4) Posts from a small number of national bird blogs like eBird and

Project Snowy.


5) Posts from a small number of international bird blogs (China,

Norway, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom).


6) Bird photographs from a small select group of Minnesota birders.


My guess is that this one-of-a-kind app makes Minnesota the only state in the country to enjoy this level of immediate and convenient access to current birding information.


One more time: thank you, Rich.