– two of John Sandford's "Prey" books have been shot for the small screen – and authors such as Anne Tyler who have tenuous Minnesota connections.

Kristin Tillotson

Sinclair Lewis: Several Hollywood films were made from his novels, including "Elmer Gantry," his Nobel-winning "Main Street" and "Cass Timberlane."

Judith Guest: The Edina resident's 1976 novel "Ordinary People" became a quadruple-Oscar-winning 1980 film directed by Robert Redford.

Thomas Gifford: "The Glendower Legacy" was made into "Dirty Tricks," starring Elliott Gould, in 1981.

Will Weaver: The critically praised 2005 indie "Sweet Land" was adapted by filmmaker Ali Selim from Weaver's 1989 short story "The Gravestone Made of Wheat."

F. Scott Fitzgerald: Novels and short stories including "The Great Gatsby," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "The Last Time I Saw Paris" all inspired motion pictures. At $105 million, the latest version of "Gatsby" is the only one on this list to have a bigger budget than "Homefront's" $70 million.

Vince Flynn: CBS Films has Bruce Willis attached to play Mitch Rapp's CIA mentor for the movie version of the late Flynn's "American Assassin."

Charles Schulz: Although dozens of TV shorts and movies have been based on his cartoons, the first "Peanuts" feature to appear in theaters is due out in 2015.