What it is: Each month a Minnesota band takes up a Thursday night residency at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis with different hand-picked openers each week.

Their back story: Guitarists Christopher White and Derek Van Gieson were already working on demos when they got fellow Red Stag Supperclub staffer Tess Weinberg to join them as their singer in late 2013. “We liked the contrast between our sort of heavy, dark guitar parts and the delicate, pretty qualities of her voice,” White recalled. Along with drummer Elliot Manthey and bassist Tim Heinlein, they befriended producer Knol Tate (ex-Askeleton) and knocked out two EPs this spring, with a full-length album coming in November.

Their current goings-on: Murder Shoes just returned home last weekend from its first tour, a two-week Midwest jaunt that Weinberg said bonded them personally and musically. “It’s good to be getting out of our familiar surroundings and playing to different crowds night to night like that,” Weinberg said, but then added, “It will also be good to settle in at the Nomad with people we know.”

Looking toward a November release party and more touring, they intend to work up live versions of songs from the upcoming album, including “This One’s for You, Kimmy.” Weinberg threw out the title as a challenge to her bandmates based on her love for the Netflix TV series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” She said, “Chris came back and wrote this beautiful song that really has nothing to do with the show, but it’s at least sort of about a girl trying to figure things out.”

What we think of them: The band strikes a perfect balance between gnarly, reverb-heavy guitar parts and Weinberg’s serene, siren-like voice, a combo reminiscent of late ’80s alt-rock heroes Throwing Muses. Their Tate-produced eponymous EP from May includes a couple of impressively stormy rockers such as “Maybe You Can,” while the earlier EP “Little Lost” offered the gorgeously somber tune “Bad Reputation.” It’ll be interesting to hear how it all comes together on the full album.

More info: The band performs every Thursday in September at the Nomad (9 p.m., no cover, 501 Cedar Av. S., Mpls.), with guests including Swimsuit Area (this Thursday), Panther Ray (Sept. 10), Stoylette and C. Kostra (Sept. 17), Brilliant Beast (Sept. 24) and more each week.