Minneapolis parks commissioners will be getting a raise next year, their first since 2006.

Commissioners, including two who will be leaving at the end of the year and will not receive the raise, approved the increase Wednesday. The 8 percent bump will apply to commissioners' current salary of $11,040 per year and to the board president's pay of $12,339 per year.

Spread over the time since the last raise, it's about 1.1 percent per year. But the pay-raise resolution does not offer annual increases in the future.  

The 8 percent is a smaller increase than that received since 2006 by city council members and the mayor of Minneapolis (12 percent ), as well as the park board's own employees (11.4 percent). It is just slightly more than half the rate of inflation over that period (15.1 percent).

"We're clearly not doing it for the salary," said park board President John Erwin.