A month after a low-turnout election, Minneapolis City Council members made the results official today.

The final, certified  results held no surprises when compared to the unofficial results announced last month.

Council members praised the elections staff for handily dealing with the debut of ranked-choice voting on Nov. 3.

Under the ranked-choice voting system, a candidate needs 50 percent of the vote plus one to win. When that doesn't happen in a race, voters' second and third choices are added up until a winner emerges.

That required hand-counting of all the ballots cast, a process that took two-and-a-half weeks.

One result -- voters' rejection of a charter amendment that would have overhauled the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) -- had been previously certified.

Here are the winners:

Mayor: R. T. Rybak; Council members: Ward 1 Kevin Reich; Ward 2 Cam Gordon; Ward 3 Diane Hofstede; Ward 4 Barbara A. Johnson; Ward 5 Don Samuels; Ward 6 Robert Lilligren; Ward 7: Lisa Goodman; Ward 8 Elizabeth Glidden; Ward 9 Gary Schiff; Ward 10 Meg Tuthill; Ward 11 John Quincy; Ward 12 Sandy Colvin Roy; Ward 13 Betsy Hodges.

Park and Recreation Commissioners: Liz Wielinski; Jon Olson; Scott Vreeland; Anita Tabb; Carol Kummer; Brad Bourn; Bob Fine; Annie Young, and John Erwin.

Board of Estimate and Taxation members: Carol Becker and David Wheeler.