When he's not recording his own podcast, Minneapolis comedian Cy Amundson is checking out the competition:

"Comedy Bang! Bang!": Easily the funniest podcast I've ever heard, and when Andy Daly is on, there's nothing better in the world. (earwolf.com/show/comedy-bang-bang)

"The Bill Simmons Podcast": One of the best writers in sports and, in my opinion, the host of the best sports show. (soundcloud.com/the-bill-simmons-podcast)

"Never Not Funny": Host Jimmy Pardo is so unbelievably funny I'd watch or listen to anything he does. (earwolf.com/show/never-not-funny)

"Timesuck With Dan Cummins": If you don't know Dan, you need to. He's a great comic who immerses himself in a different topic each week. They are awesome. (­timesuckpodcast.com)

"Profession Confession": Great local comic Gabe Noah has one of the coolest ideas for a show I've heard in a while. He interviews people who make a living in offbeat and sometimes dark ways. (professionconfession.com)