How do you not only survive but thrive during a Minnesota winter? The Norwegians may have the right idea. A story at Fast Co. got my attention, highlighting new research into why more people living near the Arctic Circle aren’t perpetually depressed.

Celebrate the things you can do only in winter. Force yourself to go outside: skate, ski, snowmobile, shovel. Get up off the couch, turn off the laptop and put the electronic toys away for a few hours — you’ll feel better. Another takeaway: “Simply refuse to participate in the Misery Olympics.” If you tell yourself you’re miserable — you will be. Mind over matter.

I thoroughly enjoy this morning’s wind-whipped rain and my trendy Mohawk hair experiment. It’s the soaking we needed to recharge soil moisture before the ground freezes up solid.

A coating of flurries is possible Up North by tonight, but no significant accumulation is brewing looking out a week or so. Skies clear Friday; 50s from Saturday into next Wednesday. Models hint at a big storm (mix?) the weekend before Thanksgiving. Great news!