Mid-day shallows for Crappies and Perch Like most species of fish, the biggest crappies and perch are found in shallow water (10 ft. deep or less) all year-- even under the ice. It’s not uncommon for me to find schools of big crappies and perch in 7 ft. of water (or less) throughout most of the winter. Especially after a warm late fall, insect activity remains strong on shallow weed flats well into winter. Drill a hole and look down the hole for weed cover. No weeds—no fish. Then, match the hatch. Water insects are tiny, so use small neutral colored horizontal jigs tipped with a spike or waxie half way down to the bottom and you’re in the fish. Captain Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service 320-291-0708, 218-732-9919, www.minnesotaguideservice.com www.minnesotaicefishhouserental.com

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