Maybe on the surface this seems like a ridiculous question. Maybe we're a little too excited after attending -- in the stands -- last night's Wolves exhibition game against the Pacers (a loss, mind you) and seeing the offensive potential this year's squad has. Maybe we aren't giving enough credit to the Wild, which found a little magic yesterday in a big win over Vancouver.

But we stand by the premise that this is a legitimate query, despite the fact that the Wild won 38 games last season while the Timberwolves won 15.

Simply put: Which of these squads will win more games this season? Because honestly, we can see both of them winding up somewhere in the low 30s.

The perpetually rebuilding Wolves are on the rise and will sneak up on teams, particularly early in the season. The Wild could go a number of directions, and a lost season is not out of the question.

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