Minnesota sports fans tend to be a little more panicked about losing trends, in our experience, than other fans tend to be. We're a "waiting for the other shoe to drop" crowd, and when it does we pounce.

As such, question: Are you panicking about the Wild right now, after three consecutive losses (one of them in OT), during which Minnesota has given up 13 total goals?

Or are you trying to keep the focus on the big picture -- namely that the season is only five games old, Minnesota did win its first two games, and the top line has been productive (even if the other lines and the defense have not always been up to par)?

This will come as a shock to Rocket and Clarence, but we haven't seen a ton of Wild hockey yet this season. We are planning on making our Xcel Energy Center debut on Wednesday for the Chicago game and can (hopefully) formulate some more opinions on what we are seeing then.

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