It’s nice to know it can still snow in the Twin Cities. I was beginning to wonder.

Three observations: If it’s snowing hard enough and traffic is heavy, the plows just can’t keep up, in spite of best intentions. Lower your expectations. If a meteorologist predicts 4-8 inches, (most) people hear 8 inches! And if that much falls in a band 20 miles from your house, but you see less, the forecast is wrong. Predicting down to the inch is about as challenging as handicapping the presidential race. Good luck.

Bob Seward sent an e-mail, wondering why 1-foot snows in the metro are so rare. According to climate guru Pete Boulay, Minneapolis-St. Paul has picked up 10 separate 8-inch snows since 2000. That compares with 12 from 1983 to 1999 and only 7 between 1966 and 1982.

No more monster-storms brewing, just a coating today, maybe an inch or two Sunday p.m. The approach of a numbing shot may whip up strong winds late Sunday. Getting home from that Super Bowl party may be slow and tricky. Next week looks cold; not brutal, just mildly “character-building.”