Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

11/28 Stens Corp. Arrowhead Arrowhead Electrical Products, a portfolio company of the

Jasper, Ind. Electrical Products Riverside Co. and co-investor Investcorp, will acquire Stens

Inc. Corp., a distributor of aftermarket replacement parts to the

Blaine outdoor power equipment, golf and industrial end markets,

from Ariens Co.

11/28 Boston National Title Incenter LLC Incenter, a subsidiary of Blackstone, has acquired Boston

Agency LLC St. Paul National Title, a title and settlement services provider.

Charlotte, N.C.

12/1 LLC DigitalTown Inc. DigitalTown Inc. has acquired LLC, a

Chicago Burnsville provider of online appointment booking products.

12/1 Radiographic Equipment Universal Hospital Universal Hospital Services has acquired Radiographic

Services Inc. Services Equipment Services, a provider of medical imaging products.

San Diego Bloomington

12/1 Amsterdam Metallized APi Group Inc. APi Group has acquired the manufacturing and business

Products BV- New Brighton assets of Amsterdam Metallized Products, a provider of

Manufacturing Business brand enhancement substrate technologies.

Amsterdam, Netherlands