“We want to empower [moms] to be more than they are today, to feel beautiful but also to take care of her in the short time she’s in the store, because moms have very little time for themselves.”

About Tamte: After starting out as a third-grade teacher, Tamte founded Hot Mama in 2004 in Edina. The chain now includes 51 stores in 18 states.

Personal file: She and her husband have two children, ages 15 and 18. She’s active in the global nonprofit Opportunity International, which empowers moms through microloans. Books on her nightstand: “Conscious Capitalism,” “The Confidence Code,” “Essentialism.”

What’s big in 2015: Last year, Hot Mama changed its name to Evereve to sync it with the website (no more shopmama.com) and also avoid the perception that the store was a maternity store for younger moms. Despite grumblings about the name being too New Age-ish, Tamte said the name will stick: “It is important not to be confused by the brand.” Besides opening eight to 12 more stores around the country, the company plans to improve its e-commerce and start a new way to style moms in January.

Final word: “The name change was scary, but it was the right thing to do. Our customers have adjusted to the change.”