Welcome to the Minnesota House, class of 2015.

The class of incoming members is big -- 26 members -- and prodominantly Republican. Among the 26, only five of the new folks are Democrats.

On Wednesday, the Minnesota House information services plans to publish lots more information about the freshman class, which includes several returning veterans who took forced or voluntary breaks from the Legislature.

In the meantime, here are their names and district numbers, according to the House's news service:

  • Abigail Whelan (R) District 35A

  • Bob Loonan (R) District 55A

  • Bob Vogel (R) District 20A

  • Brian Daniels (R) District 24B

  • Cheryl Youakim (DFL) District 46B

  • Dale Lueck (R) District 10B

  • Dave Baker (R) District 17B

  • Dave Hancock (R) District 2A

  • Dave Pinto (DFL) District 64B

  • Dennis Smith (R) District 34B

  • Drew Christensen (R) District 56A

  • Eric Lucero (R) District 30B

  • Jack Considine (DFL) District 19B

  • Jason Rarick (R) District 11B

  • Jeff Backer (R) District 12A

  • Jennifer Schultz (DFL) District 7A

  • Jim Knoblach (R) District 14B

  • Jim Nash (R) District 47A

  • Jon Applebaum (DFL) District 44B

  • Jon Koznick (R) District 58A

  • Joshua Heintzeman (R) District 10A

  • Kelly Fenton (R) District 53B

  • Nels Pierson (R) District 26B

  • Peggy Bennett (R) District 27A

  • Roz Peterson (R) District 56B

  • Tim Miller (R) District 17A