Republican John McCain told an influential Jewish lobbying group Monday that the security of Israel and the United States depends on a tough-minded approach to a potentially nuclear-armed Iran, mocking presidential rival Barack Obama's pledge to meet with Iranian leaders and noting his opposition to declaring the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization.

He also charged that Obama's promise to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq poses a danger to Israel's security. "He will do so regardless of the conditions in Iraq, regardless of the consequences for our national security, regardless of Israel's security and in disregard of the best advice of our commanders on the ground," McCain said.

Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said McCain offers a Mideast policy based on "doubling down on George Bush's failed policies, while carrying on his divisive brand of politics."

"He promises to continue a war in Iraq that has emboldened Iran and strengthened its hand," Sevugan said, adding that McCain "promises four more years of the same policies that have strengthened Iran, making the United States and Israel less safe."