May wins support of Northern Ireland party

Britain's Conservatives signed a deal Monday with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party that will allow Prime Minister Theresa May to govern after losing her majority in a general election this month.

The deal, which is reported to provide Northern Ireland with additional funding of about $2 billion over five years, will enable May to win a clear majority vote in Parliament on Wednesday on the legislative program her government set out last week. Without the support of the DUP, May risked losing that vote of confidence, which would have opened the way for the opposition Labour Party to try to form a minority government of its own.

After nearly two weeks of negotiation, DUP leader Arlene Foster agreed to what is known as a "confidence and supply" agreement with May.

May told the Press Association the pact was a "very, very good one" and that the two parties "share many values."

New York Times