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Scott Dominic Carpenter

Review: 'French Like Moi,' by Scott Carpenter

NONFICTION: A Carleton College professor spends a year in Paris, with charming results.
Caroline Moorehead

Review: 'A House in the Mountains,' by Caroline Moorehead

NONFICTION: The last book in the Resistance quartet highlights the work of intrepid women partisans in Italy.
Anna Quindlen
Photo by Maria Krovatin

Review: 'Nanaville: Adventures in Grandparenting,' by Anna Quindlen

NONFICTION: Anna Quindlen's latest book savors the passage to grandparenthood.
Soniah Kamal

'Pride and Prejudice' redo takes readers to Pakistan

FICTION: Jane Austen's classic returns in a delightful remake with a Muslim family in 2001.

Is listening to an audiobook the same as reading? Readers weigh in

Audiobooks have their fans and detractors. Here's what folks had to say.
Louise Thaden beside the plane in which she set a new speed record for women in 1936.

Review: 'Fly Girls' by Keith O'Brien

Nonfiction: Female pilots of the 1920s and '30s fought dangers and sexism.
The Bennet sisters in a 1980 Masterpiece Theater version of “Pride and Prejudice”: Mary (Teresa Peake-Jones), Elizabeth (Elizabeth Garvie), Jane (

Review: 'Mary B.,' by Katherine J. Chen

Fiction: The overlooked sister in "Pride and Prejudice" gets her due.

Is listening to an audiobook the same as reading?

Some folks think hearing someone else read a book is "cheating." What do you think?
Jess Kidd

REVIEW: 'Mr. Flood's Last Resort' by Jess Kidd

FICTION: Jess Kidd's second novel is a charming, touching magical mystery tour.
Chelsey Johnson

Review: 'Stray City,' by Chelsey Johnson

FICTION: A Minnesota writer's debut novel explores the turmoil stirred up when a lost lesbian finds herself with a straight man.
Lisa Genova

Review: 'Every Note Played,' by Lisa Genova

Fiction: Neuroscientist author of "Still Alice" explores ravages of ALS.
Jane Austen

Review: 'Jane Austen at Home,' by Lucy Worsley, follows trail of nearly homeless author

NONFICTION: Unmarried and unsuccessful in her lifetime, Jane Austen relied on family.
Contributors to A Paris All Your Own have a don't miss/skip it relationship with the Eiffel Tower. iStock

Book review: 'A Paris All Your Own,' edited by Eleanor Brown

NONFICTION: Female authors reflect on the power of the City of Light.
"The Subway Stops at Bryant Park," by N. West Moss

Review: 'The Subway Stops at Bryant Park' by N. West Moss

Fiction: A Midtown Manhattan park provides the setting for a series of rich character studies.
“Small Hours,” by Jennifer Kitses

REVIEW: "Small Hours" by Jennifer Kitses

FICTION: A novel told over 24 hours tells a taut tale of marriage under pressure.
Nora Murphy.

REVIEW: 'White Birch, Red Hawthorn,' by Nora Murphy

NONFICTION: Time with American Indians makes an Irish-American rethink her claims to land.
"Dust Bowl Girls" by Lydia Reeder

Review: 'Dust Bowl Girls,' by Lydia Reeder

Nonfiction: The story of young Oklahoma women who left home to seek success in basketball and in life.
Rebecca Smith Photo by Stuart Macaw

Review: 'The Jane Austen Writers' Club,' by Rebecca Smith

NONFICTION: Beloved novelist's "five-times-great-niece" mines stories for advice, revisits favorites.
Nina Willner

Review: "Forty Autumns" by Nina Willner

NONFICTION: Memoir re-connects lives of family separated by the creation of East and West Germany.
Women volunteers from all walks of life, many of them owners of cars which they have placed at the disposal of A.R.P. service in Paris, undergo regula

Review: 'Les Parisiennes' by Anne Sebba

NONFICTION: French women faced life-or-death decisions during WWII — and painful reckonings afterward.
Lauren Collins

Review: 'When in French,' by Lauren Collins

NONFICTION: A New Yorker writer marries a Frenchman without speaking his native language.
Review: 'The Immortal Irishman,' by Timothy Egan

Review: 'The Immortal Irishman,' by Timothy Egan

NONFICTION: "The Worst Hard Time" author Timothy Egan brings an Irish patriot's incredible true story to life.

Give to the Max Day 2015 opens at midnight

The seventh Give to the Max Day takes off Thursday. The 24-hour online giving spree will match donors with 40,000 fundraiser pages, and offer prizes…
Elaine Sciolino

Review: 'The Only Street in Paris,' by Elaine Sciolino

NONFICTION: A journalist chronicles the ever-changing people and places that tie her to one corner of Paris.
MIDLIFE: Can you go baguette?

MIDLIFE: Can you go baguette?

Learning a new language at 60? It seemed like a good idea at the time.
"Little Demon in the City of Light," by Steven Levingston

'Little Demon in the City of Light' is a mesmerizing case of murder

NONFICTION: An unusual murder case in Belle Epoque Paris becomes even more so when hypnosis is tried as a defense.
Tim Mahoney.

REVIEW: 'Secret Partners: Big Tom Brown and the Barker Gang,' by Tim Mahoney

A new history exposes the hand of former St. Paul Police Chief Tom Brown in some of the city's most infamous crimes.
"Topsy" by Michael Daly

REVIEW: "Topsy," by Michael Daly

BOOK REVIEW: A circus elephant's life collides with Thomas Edison's electrical wizardry to sad and strange effect at the turn of the 20th century.
"The Summer of Beer and Whiskey," by Edward Achorn

REVIEW: "The Summer of Beer and Whiskey,' by Edward Achorn

Nonfiction: Baseball may owe its survival to the 1883 pennant race and those who transformed a failing sport.

NONFICTION REVIEW: "The Table Comes First"

New Yorker writer and foodie Adam Gopnik analyzes, sometimes charmingly, what we eat and why we eat it.
"Paris: The Collected Travelers"

ESSAYS REVIEW: "Paris: The Collected Traveler"

Travel guidebooks can tell you hundreds of sights to visit, but Barrie Kerper wants you to understand what you see.

Principals-to-be are getting ready to graduate, too

Students aren't the only people graduating this spring. Twelve members of the 2009-10 Minneapolis Principals' Academy graduate this month, and five will be school principals next year.
'Fifty-nine in '84' by Edward Achorn

Baseball's first king of the mound

Edward Achorn rediscovers the amazing story of one of early baseball's dominant pitchers and the season that made him great.
Mint Condition by Dave Jamieson

With cards, like the game, it's about the money

The history of baseball card collecting shows that this kid's hobby was never really child's play.
Tears of Mermaids
by Stephen G. Bloom

Author strings together pearls' past and present

"Tears of Mermaids" dives deep to find the connections between pearl divers and the women who wear their finds.
The Complete Game by Ron Darling

Diamond VISION

Get in the swing of the season with these books about baseball history, umping, pitching and playing -- each with its own Twins reference, too.