Here are observations after watching the Vikings this spring (read the full list on the Access Vikings blog):

1. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had a sharp spring and has settled in as the man here now that he is in his second year in the NFL and in Norv Turner’s offense. He clearly has a lot of chemistry with wide receiver Charles Johnson, who will soon be two years removed from the torn ACL he suffered as a rookie. Bridgewater is building a relationship with Mike Wallace, too. It certainly helps Wallace’s cause that he seemed to make a tough, contested catch every practice.

2. Many people want to know how Cordarrelle Patterson looked this spring and if he appeared to be a different player than the one who disappointed last season. I don’t feel comfortable making any declarations there. Based on a couple of conversations with him and what I saw on the practice field, I do believe he is more focused this season, though I can’t say how much more. I thought he had a solid spring working with the second-stringers. While he was far from dominant, Patterson did flash a few times.

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