Lions wide receiver Golden Tate is still a little salty about Sunday's game. A Detroit-area reporter asked Tate if he thought the Vikings took cheap shots in their 26-16 win over the Lions. And Tate took the cheese.

"One hundred and 10 percent," Tate said, according to the Detroit Free Press. "After watching the film there were several holds, late hits that I thought should have been called. A couple of them I wouldn't be surprised if we turn them in [to the NFL]. But then again, that's part of playing on the road. You've got to control that by not making the game close and busting it wide open. So that's what we should have done better. But there were a few plays out there that I think were clear violations of this game."

The Vikings were flagged 10 times for 97 yards in Sunday's victory. Two were personal fouls for unnecessary roughness. One was on left tackle Matt Kalil, who pushed a Lions defensive lineman from behind at the end of a play. The other was on linebacker Anthony Barr, who shoved Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford out of bounds.

For what it's worth, Lions coach Jim Caldwell publicly disagreed with Tate.

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