A recent list on Bleacher Report of the 25 most underrated players in NFL history seemed particularly well-considered and researched.

It acknowledged that the list is completely subjective but set some strong ground rules: to make the list, a player can't be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame or be a recent finalist; he can't have been an offensive skill position player who won a Super Bowl; and anyone who played on a Super Bowl dynasty from the 1960s through 2000s was eliminated as well.

Given that backdrop, maybe it isn't too surprising that one Vikings player ranked particularly high on the list.

The man: Jim Marshall, who checked in at No. 2 (and rightfully so). Marshall was an iron man who started 289 consecutive games (including playoffs) for one of the NFL's greatest defenses. His fellow defensive linemen Carl Eller and Alan Page are both in the Hall of Fame while he is not.

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