Here's what I think I like most about Teddy Bridgewater:

He might be the only guy who hasn't assumed that Teddy Bridgewater already has arrived as the surefire franchise quarterback with the career arc that can't go anywhere but up over the next 10-12 years.

I like it that he had a good rookie season filled with unusual poise. I like it that the only news he made off the field was quietly attending the Wild playoff game. I like it that he was at Winter Park working out with teammates as the offseason conditioning program began in April. But I really like it that he's unaffected by all the adulation, not to mention the rose petals that we spread before him as he walks among us.

"I appreciate people saying I had a good rookie season, but if I play at that same level this year, we'll be 7-9 again, and that's not good enough," Bridgewater said last month.

That's the best Vikings quote of the offseason because it didn't sound like a modern athlete just reciting some rehearsed sound bite to the masses. He sounded like he actually believed it.

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