1. Steelers (7-0)

They forced four turnovers from reigning MVP Lamar Jackson. At least someone is still playing big-time defense in this league.

2. Chiefs (7-1)

How do you make a suspect defense feel better about itself? Play the J-E-T-S!

3. Ravens (5-2)

Lamar Jackson is good. In the AFC North, he needs to be better.

4. Seahawks (6-1)

D.K. Metcalf is becoming the rare scouting combine superstar who also can play football really well.

5. Buccaneers (5-2)

Colleges should start making offers right now just in case there’s ever an Antoine Winfield III.

6. Cardinals (5-2)

Kyler plays host to Tua in an intriguing first meeting on Sunday. Remember when height was a thing at quarterback?

7. Saints (5-2)

Of course, lack of height never stopped Drew Brees. Apparently, a lack of star power at receiver isn’t slowing him down either.

8. Bills (6-2)

Sunday’s win means Buffalo now has a chance to sweep New England for the first time since the last time New England was awful (1999).

9. Raiders (4-3)

So much for Cleveland’s inclement weather and wind favoring Ground Stefanski. Raiders maul Browns with 208 yards rushing.

10. Packers (5-2)

The Packers spent all week saying the Vikings’ record didn’t matter. They told everyone … but themselves.

11. Colts (5-2)

Sunday’s win over the Lions was vintage Colts. They were bad. Then they were good.

12. Dolphins (4-3)

They had 145 yards, eight first downs and a nine-point win over the Rams. Is Tua a QB or a Sean McVay voodoo doll?

13. Rams (5-3)

For those who love passing numbers, Jared Goff threw for 355 yards. And three interceptions. And lost.

14. 49ers (4-4)

Jimmy G posts another dud performance before leaving with a serious ankle injury while trailing Seattle 30-7.

15. Titans (5-2)

Tennessee’s defense ranks last in third down conversions allowed (61.9%) after Bengals convert 10 of 15 in upset win.

16. Bears (5-3)

Blah, blah, blah. The Bears’ offense is terrible. Blah, blah, blah.

17. Browns (5-3)

Kevin Stefanski heads into his first bye week having scored 187 points in five victories … and 19 points in three losses.

18. Eagles (3-4-1)

Don’t look now, but the NFC East has its first winning streak!

19. Bengals (2-5-1)

Zac Taylor (4-19-1) matches last year’s win total. The other teams to do that this year: Arizona and Detroit.

20. Broncos (3-4)

Wait, what? Drew Lock orchestrated a 14-play, 81-yard game-winning touchdown drive in the last 2 ½ minutes against the Chargers? No way.

21. Falcons (2-6)

Interim coach Raheem Morris takes a 2-1 record back home to face Denver.

22. Lions (3-4)

Is it too late to change the prediction that Matt Patricia would head to Minnesota riding a three-game winning streak?

23. Vikings (2-5)

Team MVP: Anyone who can put Dalvin Cook back together between 32-touch games.

24. Panthers (3-5)

Teddy Bridgewater is one resilient dude. But how about no more cheap shots on him, eh?

25. Patriots (2-5)

Sunday’s loss to former sparring partner Buffalo was like watching an old Muhammad Ali getting beat up by Larry Holmes.

26. Chargers (2-5)

Yeah, Lock probably doesn’t pull off that 81-yard game-winning drive if Joey Bosa isn’t on the sideline being evaluated for a concussion.

27. Washington (2-5)

Giants at Washington on Sundazzzzzzzzzzz.

28. Texans (1-6)

Texans at Jacksonville on Sundazzzzzzzzzzz.

29. Giants (1-7)

The Giants have had three head coaches the past four years. Their records through eight games: 1-7, 2-6, 1-7, 1-7.

30. Jaguars (1-6)

Can Jacksonville continue its streak of six losses while allowing 30 or more points? Stay tuned. Or not.

31. Cowboys (2-6)

Ninety million bucks and he hasn’t reached 100 yards in eight games. Call it the Ezekiel Diet.

32. Jets (0-8)

What’s worse than Jets football? Watching Jets football on Monday Night Football.