1. Chiefs (10-1)

Patrick Mahomes had 25 completions and 359 yards. In. The. First. Half.

2. Steelers (10-0)

Nothing says 2020 quite like Wednesday Afternoon Football in an empty stadium.

3. Saints (9-2)

How do you pick up a stress-free win? Play a team that has no quarterbacks.

4. Bills (8-3)

Bills D joins the party by holding the Chargers to three points after three straight Buffalo turnovers in the second half.

5. Seahawks (8-3)

It helps when Pete Carroll’s defense doesn’t play historically awful on occasion.

6. Titans (8-3)

Two weeks after losing to the Colts 34-17, Tennessee naturally blows Indy away with 35 first-half points.

7. Packers (8-3)

Good news for the Packers: Mitchell Trubisky was not on Chicago’s COVID-19 list.

8. Buccaneers (7-5)

Other than those seven catches for 203 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter, the Bucs locked down Tyreek Hill.

9. Browns (8-3)

Why is Kevin Stefanski the NFL Coach of the Year? Because it’s December and no one is laughing at the Browns.

10. Dolphins (7-4)

Sneakiest good team in the league right now.

11. Colts (7-4)

The core of their defense isn’t the same when DeForest Buckner spends Sundays on the COVID-19 list.

12. Ravens (6-4)

No. 1 on the list of teams most likely to be KO’d by COVID before 2020’s final bell.

13. 49ers (5-6)

They are 2-0 vs. the 7-4 Rams and have five losses against teams with a winning record.

14. Rams (7-4)

Put Sean McVay’s offense down as a reference to call when teams are interviewing 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh for head coaching jobs.

15. Patriots (5-6)

Bill Belichick just beat the No. 8 scoring offense with a QB who went 9-for-18 for 84 yards and had a 23.6 passer rating.

16. Cardinals (6-5)

Kliff Kingsbury just got schooled by Bill Belichick.

17. Falcons (4-7)

A 37-point beatdown of the Raiders raised Atlanta interim coach Raheem Morris’ record to 4-2.

18. Raiders (6-5)

How bad did things get in Atlanta? Nathan Peterman played the final 11 minutes.

19. Vikings (5-6)

When he’s not being mauled, Kirk Cousins isn’t all that bad.

20. Giants (4-7)

It seems only fitting that one of the NFC Least leaders nearly blew a two-point victory over the Bengals.

21. Texans (4-7)

With a 3-0 record against Jacksonville and Detroit, interim coach Romeo Crennel has helped fire two GMs and one coach.

22. Washington (4-7)

The Football Team is gunning for its first three-game winning streak in 37 games. Next up: Pittsburgh.

23. Panthers (4-8)

Sorry, Teddy Bridgewater fans. Kirk > TB.

24. Chargers (3-8)

Let’s just say they’re playing a whole lot better than Anthony Lynn is coaching.

25. Bears (5-6)

Dear Santa. Please don’t make me watch another Bears game until you give them someone who can play quarterback.

26. Cowboys (3-8)

Dear Santa. The Red Rocket you got Mike McCarthy only works in Minnesota.

27. Broncos (4-7)

John Elway’s new combine QB question: “Will you wear a mask so we don’t tick off the league and get creamed by four touchdowns?”

28. Eagles (3-7-1)

Almost as unwatchable as Da Bears.

29. Bengals (2-8-1)

According to Pro Football Reference, Zac Taylor (4-22-1) is one of only four coaches in NFL history with fewer than five wins and more than 20 losses.

30. Lions (4-7)

Two words, Detroit: Eric Bieniemy.

31. Jaguars (1-10)

Soon-to-be-fired Doug Marrone is 12-31 since nearly beating Bill Belichick in the AFC title game.

32. Jets (0-11)

Next up: The Raiders and Derek Carr, who’s coming off three fumbles and a pick-six.