1. Ravens (8-2)

Houston, you had a problem. A Lamarplem.

2. Patriots (9-1)

Tom Brady has a bad day, so Julian Edelman throws what holds up as the game-winning touchdown pass. Ho-hum.

3. Seahawks (8-2)

Is there one Vikings fan left on earth who hasn’t surrendered the Week 13 game in Seattle?

4. 49ers (9-1)

First three drives versus Arizona = 2 yards. Rest of the game = 424 yards and four TDs for Jimmy G.

5. Packers (8-2)

Prime-time trip to Frisco doesn’t have to be so bad (See: Seattle, Nov. 11).

6. Saints (8-2)

The Saints are good. Again. So is Michael Thomas, the first player in NFL history to reach 90 catches in 10 games.

7. Chiefs (7-4)

The run defense is still shaky. But four picks of Philip Rivers is enough to get back on track.

8. Vikings (8-3)

Words you never thought you’d type: Vikings offense ranks six spots higher (ninth) than Vikings defense (15th).

9. Texans (6-4)

Sacked seven times, Houston QBs found out there’s more to Baltimore than Lamar.

10. Rams (6-4)

Sean McVay had twice as many punts (six) as third-down conversions (three). But he played Da Bears.

11. Titans (5-5)

They’re either a really good bad team or a really bad good team.

12. Eagles (5-5)

See No. 11.

13. Raiders (6-4)

Jon Gruden winning games and holding two of the top 19 picks in next year’s draft. Thank you, Chicago.

14. Bills (7-3)

Josh Allen accounts for four TDs, including three passing. But it was in Miami.

15. Cowboys (6-4)

Dak Prescott wins at Detroit with three TDs, no turnovers and his fourth 400-yard passing game of the season.

16. Colts (6-4)

Want to help Jacoby Brissett? Run through the Jaguars for 264 yards.

17. Falcons (3-7)

Back-to-back road wins while holding the Saints and Panthers to 12 points? Has Atlanta finally woken up from Super Bowl LI?

18. Browns (4-6)

Trivia Time: Who coached the inmates’ team on the Longest Yard? Bzzz. Sorry, it was Nate Scarboro. Not Freddie Kitchens.

19. Steelers (5-5)

Dear, Mason. Myles got what he deserved. But, next time, don’t fist fight defensive ends.

20. Panthers (5-5)

Want to lose a third game in four weeks? Have six first-half drives end in a punt or a pick.

21. Chargers (4-7)

Not that Vikings fans need more to fret about on Dec. 15, but the Chargers aren’t that good, but they also aren’t that bad.

22. Jaguars (4-6)

Down 10-7 at halftime, John DeFilippo calls 16 passes, five runs in the third quarter. Jags lose by 20 with 47 passes, 9 runs.

23. Broncos (3-7)

Held Vikings to four first downs in the first half and four touchdowns in the second half.

24. Bears (4-6)

The 2020 pick that Mitch doubters covet is currently 13th overall. And, oh yeah, it’s also in Gruden’s back pocket.

25. Jets (3-7)

The ghost Sam Darnold saw last week came from Redskins present.

26. Dolphins (2-8)

FitzMagic works a lot better when it’s not sacked seven times.

27. Buccaneers (3-7)

Offenses in general work a lot better when Jameis doesn’t lead the league with 18 picks.

28. Cardinals (3-7-1)

Arizona isn’t ready for prime time, but Kyler Murray is a handful. Just ask the 49ers.

29. Lions (3-6-1)

Another lost season limps toward another good reason for the country not to take a noontime nap on Thanksgiving.

30. Giants (2-8)

Who cares? Next.

31. Redskins (1-9)

Hey, at least they ended that 16-quarter streak without a touchdown!

32. Bengals (0-10)

Hey, at least they avoided their seventh double-digit loss of the season!