DON’T OVERPAY! Most overrated

Parentheses: age on 2019 opening day

Landon Collins

S, Giants (25)

Even young Pro Bowl safeties shouldn’t be overpaid if they can’t cover. His own team agrees.

Trent Brown

LT, Patriots (26)

The sum of the whole in New England is always greater than its parts. Even the young, gigantic parts.

Le’Veon Bell

RB, Steelers (27)

Sorry, but he’s a running back. A very good one. But even the Steelers’ offense found him replaceable. Why overpay?

Nick Foles

QB, Eagles (30)

Unless all of the 2017 Eagles are coming with him, Foles’ career should be weighed before someone pays him a savior’s salary.

Earl Thomas

S, Seahawks (30)

Don’t pay him for what he did in his 20s. Especially coming off a leg injury and 19 missed games the past three years.


Jamison Crowder

WR, Redskins (26)

An exciting slot receiver who averaged 64 receptions (from Kirk Cousins) from 2015 to ’17. If the price is right, just saying.

Darius Philon

DT, Chargers (25)

Fundamentally sound and poised for a breakout year, he has 8 ½ sacks the past two years as mostly a part-time player.

Justin Coleman

CB, Seahawks (26)

A young, standout nickel corner with 10 starts the past two years. He’s ready for the next step.

Adrian Amos

S, Bears (26)

Younger with a much better upside than many of the big-name safeties flooding the market.

Cameron Fleming

OL, Cowboys (27)

In 2017, he had nine impressive starts at RT for Patriots, including Super Bowl LII. He was a swing tackle for the Cowboys last year.