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Mark Boswell is a visual journalist for the Star Tribune, with 30 years experience as a graphic artist and illustrator.

Boswell is also a photographer and writer.
Recent content from Mark Boswell
Suni Lee performing her signature move, the Nabieva, in the beginning of her uneven bars routine at the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team trials on June 27

Suni Lee's ultra-difficult Olympics bar routine is 'as cool as it gets'

The St. Paul's gold-medal winner had a lot riding on one big skill. Here's a step-by-step look at how her Olympic routine came together.
Kyra Condie is a Minnesotan who will compete in climbing at the 2020 Olympics. ] CARLOS GONZALEZ • – Minneapolis, MN –

Climbing for gold: Shoreview's Condie one to watch in new Olympic sport

Sport climbing will be part of the Olympics for the first time this summer, joining five other new sports making their Summer Games debuts in Tokyo. Minnesota's Kyra Condie is a top challenger in the sport.
Climate change could mean more prairie, less forest in Minnesota

Climate change could mean more prairie, less forest in Minnesota

Scientists at the U say a warming climate and shifts in precipitation threaten Minnesota's forests by altering the ability of the state's ecosystems to support tree life. According to their forecasts, Minnesotans can expect more prairie and less forest in coming decades.
Courteney Ross visited George Floyd Square at the intersection of Chicago Avenue and East 38th Street in South Minneapolis. Monuments and tributes lin

Step by step, here's how George Floyd's fatal encounter with police unfolded

According to a Star Tribune analysis of available video and news reports, here's a look at the incident that led to George Floyd's death on May 25.
The courtroom C-1856, including these juror seats, where the Derek Chauvin trial is taking place at the Hennepin County Government Center in Minneapol

What's it like inside the courtroom where Derek Chauvin is being tried?

The demands of the high-profile Chauvin court case combined with the limitations of large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic have created an unusual courtroom setting.

Future house

Home sweet home? Experts speculate how Minnesota homes will adapt to our changing world.
Before noon on openind day, the streets of the fairgrounds were already packed.

How do you do the Minnesota State Fair? There are so many ways

Three die-hard families share their favorite attractions and some of the secrets behind their fair-day fun.
Chronology of measles exposure

Chronology of measles exposure

Measles exposures were reported at public places in south- eastern Minnesota, and locations in Wisconsin and Iowa.
Inside law enforcement's high-tech toolbox

Inside law enforcement's high-tech toolbox

New technologies are giving law enforcement in Minnesota and across the country broad access to data on criminals and everyday citizens alike.
Does it cost more in taxes to own a home in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

Does it cost more in taxes to own a home in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

The two cities are finalizing their 2017 budgets, but city taxes make up a small share of a homeowners' total obligation for services.
Giants Ridge: A decade of losses

Giants Ridge: A decade of losses

Read the story: State-subsidized Giants Ridge ski resort leaves trail of red ink.

What is fracking?

The oil and gas industry has been revolutionized in the last decade by a technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or hydro-fracking, or simply "fracking."

Interactive graphic: Rich harvest

As prices for key agricultural products have soared, so have farmers' incomes and the value of their land. But at least one indicator, the ratio between the purchase price of land and what it rents for, suggests that the prices may be getting too high. Here's a look at various indicators of how these trends have influenced each other.

Keys to a green house

SOURCES: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Minnesota Energy Office; "The Environment Equation," by Alex Shimo-Barry; Alliance for Sustainability; National Geographic Green Guide; Living Green Expo;; Consumer Reports;