I hate it when people clap after a successful landing. Do you clap when you pull into the garage and turn off the car? No. Flying back to MSP Tuesday we encountered springlike rain showers and some minor turbulence.

My wife took a "Fear of Flying" class at Northwest Airlines in the '90s. It helped her manage the bumps. The way I explained it to her: You don't scream when your car hits a pothole, right? Clear-air turbulence is an "atmospheric pothole," created by eddies and whirlpools of fast-moving air. The only time I get nervous is when pilots (accidentally) fly into T-storms.

"March-ember" lingers today with a shot at 50; a growing chance of wind-whipped rain showers as a cooler front blows through town. A second surge of southern moisture arrives this weekend. The atmosphere is just warm enough aloft for rain and maybe a light mix or ice for far northern Minnesota. Good grief. I fear we're losing our winter weather mojo.

A coating of snow next Tuesday gives way to a few days in the 20s late next week. If you squint and pretend, it might even look like December.