The 35-year-old man who collapsed and died shortly after completing a marathon near St. Cloud was identified on Sunday as Paul Melby ofByron, Minn.

Melby went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead shortly before noon on Saturday, said St. Cloud Hospital nursing supervisor Mary Loecken.

According to race results, he finished with a time of 3:14:39 and was 20th out of about 250 runners.

The Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon winds through the towns of Holdingford, Albany, Avon and St. Joseph, just to the northwest of St. Cloud.

"It was a terrible tragedy," said race director Sharon Hobbs.

She said an on-site medical team that had access to an external defibrillator was there to assist him before he was taken to the hospital.

In a 25-kilometer race earlier in the day, a man collapsed and died in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Nicole Norfleet

The Associated Press contributed to this report.