THE Traveler: Sharon Allexsaht of St. Paul.

The scene: The setting sun silhouettes the photographer's husband, Bill Allexsaht, her daughter Becky Allexsaht, Becky's fiancé Alex Hale and Rook the dog during their walk along the beach at Manzanita, a village on the Oregon coast west of Portland.

The destination: "Manzanita was a great place to experience the coast. It is beautiful all up and down the coast, but Manzanita is a little bit less bustle," Sharon Allexsaht wrote in an e-mail. Though there are other people on the beach, it feels peaceful, she explained.

Photograph details: "The photo captures something of how special the changing light is on the Oregon coast. It was taken just before sunset in early October. The light changes constantly, Allexsaht wrote. She used her Android mobile phone to snap this photograph of her family. "I pointed the phone right into the setting sun," she wrote. "I employed the basics taught by my high school journalism teacher, Benjamin Allnutt, in 1973: 1. Rule of threes (the horizon should be about one-third from the top or two-thirds from the bottom) 2. The light is always best at sunrise and sunset 3. Film is cheap — take lots of pictures and toss the bad ones (OK, film isn't cheap anymore. But it is much easier to toss the bad ones!)."

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