A man surrendered to Wright County police at a Monticello convenience store Saturday night after sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of a brother-on-brother shooting at a St. Michael home.

“This is an ongoing investigation and we will not be confirming anything at this time,” the Wright County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. But according to police radio traffic posted on the website MN Police Clips, officers were called to a house on Mayfield Avenue NE in St. Michael at about 7 p.m. A dispatcher relayed this information to officers: “Male party states his brother shot him in the chest.”

Soon after, the dispatcher reported: “Sounds like the phone dropped. I can hear moaning or making breathing sounds.” The phone line remained open, but the caller made no more sounds. Officials called in a helicopter, then canceled it.

Officers began a search for a car reportedly driven by the suspect, but cut short the search when the suspect phoned and agreed to turn himself in. He walked into the Qwik Stop on Broadway in Monticello and asked to use the phone, said Kelcie Pumarlo, who was on duty as the store clerk. Pumarlo said the man, whom she described as being 18 to 20 years old, didn’t act at all unusual.

“He asked to use the phone, and I gave it to him and he took it outside,” said Pumarlo, who continued serving customers. “I had no idea who he called. It was during a big rush, and I had quite a few people here during that time.

“Then my customer was like, ‘What’s going on outside?’ And that’s when I turned and looked. I saw two cops pointing their guns, and the kid lifting up his shirt.”

A police dispatcher said the suspect stated during his phone call with police that “he also did injure his father” at the father’s Otsego home.