A man has been barred from contacting Hennepin County judges after officials say he sent them numerous sexually explicit messages.

In an April 18 letter, Chief Judge Ivy Bernhardson wrote that the man sent messages to more than a dozen judges and referees, eight of whom were women. There was no mention of criminal charges being filed in the matter. The Star Tribune generally does not name suspects who haven't been charged.

Bernhardson said that the man's messages contained vulgar language and "other offensive content of a sexual nature or sexual innuendo" that was inappropriate "for communication with the Court." The communications included comments on the physical appearance of female judges and referees.

Court records show that the man has three pending cases for allegedly violating protective orders.

Bernhardson ordered him to cease all contact with the named jurists, and to limit his communications on court-related matters to letters or formal motions — never e-mail. A previous order required him to give notice before visiting any court facility, Bernhardson's letter said.

In an unrelated court filing, the man wrote that others referred to him as the "mysterious Ancient One" and asked that a judge rescind an order against him "so I can freely hit on some of those pretty women I do see at the court."