A Shoreview man pleaded guilty Monday to videotaping himself having sex with unconscious women.

Jeffrey Eldred, 33, pleaded guilty to one count of stalking and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and five counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. He will be sentenced Sept. 30.

According to the criminal complaint and his answers to questions during his guilty plea, Eldred had an intermittent relationship with a Bloomington woman from late 2017 through most of 2018. On several occasions, he was at her home and waited until she was passed out and physically helpless before sexually assaulting her.

He acknowledged that the victim did not know he was videotaping these acts. She only found out when investigators tracked her down and showed the footage to her.

Eldred’s lawyer said he would be seeking a lesser sentence than what the guidelines would recommend. Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Kali Gardner said prosecutors have not yet determined what they will ask for, but will await the results of the pre-sentence investigation, including a psychosexual exam by a court psychologist.

The cases against Eldred began last fall when a woman who stayed overnight at his home looked on his computer and found at least 40 videos of him engaging in sex with different women as they slept. She took photos of the videos and turned them over to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office. They were eventually able to identify the Bloomington woman and a woman for a case in Ramsey County.

Last fall, the detectives said they hoped to identify some of the other women in the videos. So far, no other charges related to those cases have been brought against him.