A woman remains in a medically induced coma after her boyfriend allegedly lit her on fire in Minneapolis on Monday.

Richard E. Bullock, 46, was charged Wednesday in Hennepin County District Court with one count each of attempted second-degree murder and second-degree assault. Authorities believe Bullock assaulted the woman, whose identity has not been released by authorities, between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. in the 5100 block of Colfax Avenue North.

The woman's body was engulfed in flames, but she was able to drive herself to North Memorial Medical Center after the flames were extinguished, the charges said.

"She emerged from the driver's seat completely nude and her body...still smoldering," the charges said. "Victim 1 stated, 'Please help me someone lit me on fire.' "

The woman is in a medically induced coma being treated for second and third-degree burns. She suffered burns over a "large" part of her body, said the charges, which did not specify why Bullock allegedly assaulted her.

According to the complaint: A woman told police she witnessed the attack. She said she heard arguing coming from inside an RV parked near a home she was in. The witness approached the RV and entered because the victim appeared scared.

Bullock and the victim were seated at a table drinking. Bullock allegedly jumped up and swore at the victim for "disrespecting" him. He allegedly punched her several times in the face, grabbed her by the throat and squeezed.

"You feel that [expletive], that's your life leaving your body," Bullock allegedly said.

He squeezed her neck four times, causing her to go unconscious, the charges said. He also allegedly struck her head and body with an unspecified metal object. The victim and witness pleaded with him stop.

Bullock then allegedly told the victim he was going to set her on fire and doused her with a bottle of rubbing alcohol that he lit with a lighter, according to the complaint.

Bullock doused the victim with water and took off her clothes in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

The victim fled the RV and drove herself to the hospital. The witness returned to the house allegedly followed by Bullock.

"Cross me and you can get the same," Bullock allegedly threatened the witness.

He allegedly pointed a pink handgun at the woman's head, threatened to kill her and her family and warned that she would not live to testify against him at trial, the complaint said. Bullock then called someone for a ride and left the home.

Bullock was later arrested and remains in custody at the Hennepin County jail. The charges did not indicate whether he made any statements to investigators about the attack, but noted that he allegedly had burns and blisters on his hands.

Bullock's record includes convictions for disorderly conduct and carrying a pistol without a permit.

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