For fans, families and celebrity seekers, the Mall of America third floor Food Court is an excellent place to camp out for the next two days. And it's entirely free.

Through Friday, the "Fan Gallery" will be humming with current and former NFL players in town to do interviews, socialize, schmooze, party and talk football. 

Dozens of broadcasters, mostly radio, but some television, are packed tightly into the concourse. They'll be broadcasting live through much of the day and night. Fans are free to roam the area or grab a snack, take a seat and gawk.

The shows will be mostly wrapped by Saturday so now is the time. The crowds aren't nearly as big as they are at other events so a chance encounter is a real possibility. Autograph seeking is discouraged.

Last year in Houston, I ran into New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and retired quarterback Doug Flutie casually chatting. In San Francisco, Joe Namath and Joe Montana were hanging around.

There's extra potential for player sightings this year because the New England Patriots hotel is attached to the court.

Head to the first floor was well. SiriusXM has filled the  rotunda beneath the food court with a  set. In the next few days, Sirius will have Jenny McCarthy, Joel and Victoria Osteen and Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein from the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show on the scene recording and broadcasting from the Mall of America.

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