Teen girls and young women, Mall of America wants you.

The Bloomington megamall’s latest addition of eight new retailers and restaurants includes six that will appeal to a young, female demographic.

“Young women are the key to all malls,” said Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail. “They’re not the most affluent shoppers, but they visit not only the tenants but also the movie theaters and the food court.”

Ugg Australia, Free People, A’Gaci, Pink, Live Love Dream and Flip Flop Shops are new retailers to Minnesota, although Ugg has an outlet in Albertville and the Free People brand is available at Nordstrom. All will open later this month or next month.

Free People is a popular bohemian-style brand with appeal for teen girls to women in their mid-30s. Landing it and Live Love Dream are coups for Mall of America, Corlett said, since both chains have relatively few stores across the country.

While it’s true that new retailers such as Free People and Ugg already sell their styles in department stores, having a separate store is more desirable to shoppers. “They perceive the store will have a bigger selection and most young women would rather shop in a specialty store than a department store,” Corlett said.

Live Love Dream by Aeropostale and Pink by Victoria’s Secret fill one of the hottest trends for young women — fashionable yoga wear and loungewear for high school or college. They join other MOA retailers such as Lululemon, Athleta and Ivivva riding the hot trend, said Maureen Bausch, executive vice president at Mall of America.

Mary Van Note, a retail analyst at Ginger Consulting in Minneapolis, expects Live Love Dream and Pink to be very successful. “They will bring in a young audience,” said. “You could put a Pink label on a $20 pair of Target sweatpants and women would pay $50 or $60 for them.”

Ugg Australia and Flip Flop Shops are also on trend. Younger women in L.A. are always wearing flip flops, Uggs, ballerina flats or Sperry’s, said Van Note.

For a more glamorous, less casual look, A’Gaci puts a sexy spin on the everyday wardrobe, according to its Facebook page. “It’s part of the fast fashion trend,” said Bausch. It’s for shoppers who want to buy of-the-moment fashions for less.

Other new stores announced include Hammer Made, a temporary men’s clothing store open through January, and Benihana Japanese restaurant. Madewell, a sister store of J. Crew, and Bruegger’s Bagels opened at the mall earlier this month.