Why do you cover this and not that?

I have an idea for a story, a series or a column, so where should I send it?

How are the print and web sections different?

How are you keeping busy during the pandemic?

Who's in charge of Sid Hartman?

Have a question about how and why we do the things we do? The Star Tribune's sports editors will be answering your questions in this week's mailbag. Our sports staff includes editors who oversee the department in general, individual teams and topics, and our web edition.

So find an editor on the list and send us your questions. We'll talk about anything from the choices we make in choosing our stories to what's ahead (as best we can figure) to our favorite places for pizza, burgers and craft beer.

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Sports editor Chris Carr

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NBA and WNBA editor Michael Rand

High school sports and soccer editor Paul Klauda

Outdoors editor Bob Timmons