Magical touches

Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, the best hope of winning NFL MVP among the non-quarterbacks, is on pace to touch the ball 435 times this season. Only 12 players in NFL history have recorded more touches than that in a single season. The record is 492 by Buccaneers running back James Wilder in 1984. Checking in third in touches from scrimmage this season is Dalvin Cook, one of only five NFL players with at least 200 yards rushing and 200 receiving.

Player Team Touches Ave./Gm

Christian McCaffrey Panthers 136 27.2

Leonard Fournette Jaguars 115 23.0

Dalvin Cook Vikings 113 22.6

Chris Carson Seahawks 109 21.8

Marlon Mack Colts 108 21.6

Derrick Henry Titans 103 20.6

Alvin Kamara Saints 101 20.2

x-Le’Veon Bell Jets 98 24.5

Ezekiel Elliott Cowboys 98 19.6

Austin Ekeler Chargers 98 19.6


x-Bell has played only four games. The others have played five.