The Lynx are returning home early -- and so am I, but you probably don't care about me too much.

The 11 players, coaches and other staff will be on Delta flight #744. It is schedule to arrive at Terminal No. 1 in Minneapolis at 4:30 p.m. CDT on Saturday. Fans wanting to greet the team can meet the Lynx in the baggage claims area.

On Tuesday, there will be a parade for the Lynx on Nicollet Mall at 11:30 am and a rally at Target Center at 12:15 pm. Not the best time for working adults and kids, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless.

The Lynx provided a lot of thrills for their fans. They were 27-7 during the regular season and an even more impressive 7-1 in the playoffs. Only San Antonio managed to beat the Lynx in postseason play. That was in Texas in the first round.

With or without Taj McWilliams-Franklin next season, the Lynx should be one of the league's best teams. And they get to add one of the top four graduating college players through the 2012 WNBA draft.

Expecations should be high again. Will be interesting to see if the Lynx can land a jersey sponsor for next season and whether they sell a lot more season tickets.

One of the Lynx fans in Atlanta asked me to chide Target for not having Lynx gear available in their stores, saying Target missed a golden opportunity. Says that subject was a big topic wherever Lynx fans gathered.

Wonder if the WNBA has special marketing rights. Meaning only they can sell WNBA-related stuff? Will check into it. I also have to find a good spot for Tuesday's parade.