21: Years that Kasper has hosted “The Splendid Table”

400: Public radio stations that broadcast “The Splendid Table”

725,000: Weekly listeners of “The Splendid Table”

620: Episodes of “The Splendid Table” hosted by Kasper

2,200: Calls (guesstimate) that Kasper has fielded from “The Splendid Table” listeners

4: James Beard awards, for Cookbook of the Year (1993, “The Splendid Table”), National Radio Show (1998, “The Splendid Table”), Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America (2001, Lynne Rossetto Kasper), and Radio Show/Audio Webcast (2008, “The Splendid Table”)

1: Number of times Kasper’s voice has appeared in a feature film (2011’s “Tower Heist”)

6: Number of burners on the Wolf stove Kasper purchased with her first royalty check from “The Splendid Table” cookbook