For the first time in a decade, Lucky Charms cereal has a new marshmallow in its mix. A white unicorn with purple and blue highlights will make an entrance in March, giving a swift kick to the yellow hourglass with the tiny pink heart.

General Mills said this is the first marshmallow to be based on input from children. Boys and girls alike responded to the mythical single-horned creature, ascribing qualities that ranged "from magical and lucky to cool and colorful," according to a news release from the Golden Valley-based company.

The hourglass, which was added in 2008, is not the first of the sugary shapes to get pulled from the lineup.

The original cereal hit grocers' shelves in 1964, and included a pink heart, green clover, orange star and yellow moon. Only the pink heart remains.

Other shapes or styles have come and gone as well, including the blue diamond (1975), purple horseshoe (1983), swirled whale (1986), red balloon (1989), pot of gold (1994) and shooting star (1998), according to People magazine and confirmed by General Mills.

The unicorn now will take its place among seven other shapes: heart, star, horseshoe, clover, blue moon, rainbow and balloon.


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