British veteran Brian Cox is a consummate professional whose unimpeachable commitment to every role holds criticism at bay. He was great as the first film incarnation of ultra-evil Hannibal Lecter in “Manhunter,” screenwriting mentor Robert McKee in “Adaptation” and superlawyer Melvin Belli in “Zodiac.” And he’s good enough for us to ignore the shortcomings of “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” (⋆⋆½, rated R for bloody horror violence, grisly images, nudity and language). In Norwegian director André Ovredal’s low-rent chiller, Cox plays a mortician who, with his son and protégé (Emile Hirsch), is tasked with dissecting a cadaver that raises some disturbing questions — especially when the body does not appear to be deceased. Cox is a flawless pro even in a role that many peers would consider a phone-it-in paycheck part. (Screening at various times Friday through Thursday. St. Anthony Main, 115 SE. Main St., Minneapolis. 612-331-4724 or

Colin Covert