Louis Faurer: New York Photographs

Faurer haunted Times Square during the 1940s-60s heyday of New York street photography, a scene that produced the likes of Diane Arbus, William Klein and Robert Frank. Though not as well known — his career was tragically cut short when he was hit by a car in NYC — his best work stands up alongside that of his peers. His 1948 “Twins” anticipates an Arbus preoccupation, but Faurer viewed his subjects in a more benign light. “My eyes search for people who are grateful for life ... whose enduring spirit is bathed by such piercing white light as to provide their present and future with hope,” he said. (Opening reception 6-8 p.m. Fri. Ends April 1. Weinstein Gallery, 908 W. 46th St., Mpls. 612-822-1722, weinstein-gallery.com.)