So far this year, floods and storms have caused significant loss of property throughout the Plains. Nearly 91,500 head of cattle have died in blizzards and flooding in North Dakota alone. Losses are rivaling that of the 1997 blizzards and flooding. Recent dry weather, however, has helped the flooding situation throughout the northern Plains and given delayed corn planting a bit of a boost.

Just about a week after torrential rain, storms and flooding plagued the Houston area, a record rain of 4.72 inches fell on the city Friday. High water over roadways caused vehicles to stall near Houston Hobby Airport, while high water rescues were necessary in South Houston.

Fatalities have occurred as well. Nine people lost their lives at the hands of tornadoes in February, and another six have perished in April. These numbers go to show how proper preparation and attention to warnings can save your life.

Story by Meteorologist Meghan Evans and Mark Paquette.