Lora was my older sister but in a way she was a second mom to me. She helped me out in the low times and was supportive at all times. While we were growing up, she told me what to wear, who to hang out with, and what not to say to girls. Lora looked out for my younger sister and I. After struggling with my college career, she let me live with her until I could figure out my direction in life. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have gone to Dunwoody College and excelled at the career that I am at today.

One memory I have of Lora is the time we had a birthday party for our daughter at our recently built house. The whole family was invited to celebrate the occasion. One of the key features of the house was a large picture window, which was a popular area for several of the toddlers to leave handprints. Noticing my frustration, my sister decided to join in on the fun and run her tongue along the newly installed glass. This created a light-hearted moment for me as I came to realize that kids will be kids and to enjoy this time with family.

It's memories like these that help us all cope with our loss and remember the good times. Lora was a caring mother and wife and a loyal employee at the local 539 Pipefitters office. Lora was a conqueror of all poker tournaments and also good at creating mischievous shenanigans when the opportunity arose. Lora dedicated herself to helping the people around her and was a friend to many. She is missed dearly and will never be forgotten.