Information about the rebranding of the Timberwolves (and other NBA teams) has been advancing as 2017 wears on.

We got a look at the new Timberwolves logo in April (pictured above). A couple of weeks ago, we learned the NBA was going away from designated "home" and "away" uniforms as Nike takes over the jersey game for the 2017-18 season. Instead, there will be four primary uniforms for each team. And in the past several days, the official uniforms for several teams have been revealed.

With all of that, Wolves fans keep asking: when are Minnesota's new uniforms coming out? Here's your answer: Look for the Wolves uniforms to be revealed Aug. 10 — also known as next Thursday, also known as one week from today.

There have been rumors about what the uniforms will look like, but if you can just be patient for seven more days (or until they unofficially leak, which seems to happen a lot) you will get your answer.