In today's comics, which are "comic" in name only, this exchange:

Are we to believe that Hi and Lois were having a conversation about the value of Twitter the previous night? Her expression is so self-contented that it seems as if she regards this development as the coup de grace. Unfortunately, Hi is hungover, and probably won't remember.

THE INTERNET IS TOO BIG J. C. Penney is bringing back the catalog. You might think it's because they can't think of new ways to lose money fast enough, but no: they're "a strong, proactive tap on the shoulder." At least that's what the trade associations for catalogs says. The NPR article quotes the head fof ""The Internet has gotten so big that you can't find anything on it," Hagood says, "even on the J.C. Penney website." Hagood says a good print catalog can help customers cut through the clutter of the Internet.

Well, not exactly, but you know what she means. Maybe. Does she mean that the internet is too daunting for some? Or that you can find so much that it feels as if you can't choose?

On second thought, I don't know what she means. But flipping through a catalog is a different experience than clicking NEXT on a webpage, and a catalog that arrives in the mail is different from a pop-up box that requires your dismissal. Catalogs don't stand in the doorway and forbid you to pass until you dog-ear the cover.

AHOY ABC news discovers a retiree living on a cruise ship, and some people are surprised. Some people applaud her decision. Some people are angry that you're not angry she can afford it. Well, it makes more sense than a retirement home, if you like to travel, and she's not alone; I've met another lady of a certain age who had retired to live on a cruise ship. Like the ABC story subject, she chose a smaller vessel that's all-inclusive, and that's what I find odd. I've been on the Crystal Serenity, and after 11 days I was delighted to leave. It's lovely but small. I'd want the biggest cruise ship in the world, even if it meant paying three bucks extra for lunch - except that they just bob around the Caribbean over and over again, and the 47th time you looked out the window and said "Virgin Islands? Again? My, how this week flew past" you might yearn for something new.

REBOOT This stuff makes my head hurt.

I'm old-fashioned, and prefer one universe, with one Spider-Man, and not a kaleidoscopic cosmos with 14 Spidermen, one of whom is Capt. Stacy in an exoskeleton. In related news, science has devised a way to read charcoal logs:

Imagine what lost texts might be on those pages. Lost Pliny, for example. Granted, he was wrong about so many things - amber being compressed fox urine, for example - but it's still tantalizing to consider

VotD Passing a truck by going into the opposing lane with no view of what's coming: brilliant move.