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November 19
Bodies are preserved at minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit in “cryostats” at the Cryonics Institute in Michigan.

Is there place in Minnesota where you can have your body frozen for the future?

Some Minnesotans want their bodies frozen and placed in long-term storage after death. No one knows if they will ever be revived.
Curious Minnesota
November 12
A deputy from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office searched for a missing person in the Mississippi River in 2017.

How is the sheriff's office different from the police department?

From performing water rescues to selling foreclosed properties, county sheriff's offices handle a wide range of tasks.
Curious Minnesota
November 5
On the last day of streetcar service in 1954, Twin City Rapid Transit executives James Towey and Fred Ossanna hold a check from Northern States Power

Was organized crime behind the demise of the Twin Cities streetcar system?

The transit system was plagued by scandals before and after the switch from streetcars to buses.
Curious Minnesota
October 29
MnRoad operations engineer Ben Worel holds a core taken from an asphalt road in this 2005 file photo.

Listen: Why a slice of I-94 is a 'candyland for researchers'

The Curious Minnesota podcast examines how real-world traffic west of the Twin Cities is helping engineers build better roads.
Curious Minnesota
October 29
A hand-colored photograph of South St. Paul taken between 1912 and 1915. The structure at center is the Stockyards Exchange Building, which is still s

West, North, South, Park: Why are there so many suburbs named St. Paul?

Many east metro locales are named after Minnesota's capital city, though not all of their names neatly line up with the compass.
Curious Minnesota
October 22
The St. Croix River bridge connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin, photographed just prior to its completion in 2017.

How did Minnesota get its shape on the map?

Minnesota could have extended into present-day South Dakota, with a chunk bitten out by Wisconsin. Each of the borders is a separate tale.
Curious Minnesota
October 15
Deb Frethem, a tour guide at the caves since April 1998, led a cave tour of the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul. ] LEILA NAVIDI • leila.navidi@star

What is the most haunted place in Minnesota?

Ghost hunters believe many locations across the state are hotspots for paranormal activity.
October 13
A 2017 view of the St. Anthony Falls spillway, also known as the apron.

Listen: The mysterious wall that holds St. Anthony Falls in place

The Curious Minnesota podcast explores the questions being raised about a 145-year-old wall located deep beneath the Mississippi River.
Curious Minnesota
October 8
A rock carving at the Jeffers Petroglyphs site in southwestern Minnesota. It is one of the most extensive petroglyph sites in the world.

Which Indigenous tribes first called Minnesota home?

Archeologists and historians believe Native Americans have lived in Minnesota since the glaciers receded 13,000 years ago.
Curious Minnesota
October 1
People walking in front of a destroyed school building after the fires of 1918.

Historic wildfires once destroyed entire cities in northern Minnesota. Could it happen again?

More than a century after the deadly blazes of 1894 and 1918 killed hundreds of people, wildfires continue to threaten the North Woods.
September 27
A sign advertising the Early Vote Center in downtown Minneapolis in 2018.

What do you want to know about the 2021 election?

Star Tribune reporters will be answering reader questions about the 2021 election on a future episode of the Curious Minnesota podcast. Let us know…
Curious Minnesota
September 24
A C-130 aircraft carries service members back to Minnesota after a deployment in the Middle East in March 2020. These planes often fly over the Twin C

Why do military cargo planes regularly fly in pairs over the Twin Cities?

The large aircraft with four propellers are easy to distinguish from passenger air traffic.
Curious Minnesota
September 17
Antennas are affixed to a new cellular pole in south Minneapolis.

Listen: Why are there so many new 5G cell antennas in some neighborhoods?

The Curious Minnesota podcast explores the evolution of cellular technology and the reason for all the new antennas.
Curious Minnesota
September 17
After days of high winds, thousands of plastic bags from the Waste Management landfill in Elk River were trapped on the landfill’s perimeter fence i

Twin Cities area is recycling more than ever. Why hasn't landfilling declined?

Nearly half of the metro area's waste is recycled. But a significant share continues to be buried.
Curious Minnesota
September 10
The first capitol building in Minnesota was this structure erected in 1853 at what is now the corner of Tenth and Wabasha streets. First occupied on J

Did political shenanigans derail an effort to move Minnesota's capital?

The well-known tale about an 1850s proposal to move the capital to St. Peter has been passed down for generations.
Curious Minnesota
September 3
A fox crosses a Minneapolis street, in front of a woman on a walk with her dog Wednesday, June 27, 2018, in Minneapolis, MN.]


Are more wild animals moving into Minnesota's cities?

Drought conditions may embolden animals looking for food in the urban core.
Curious Minnesota
September 3
A selection of questions received from fairgoers on August 28.

Listen: What do State Fair attendees want to know about Minnesota?

Fairgoers spoke to the Curious Minnesota podcast about what questions they would like to see us answer.
Curious Minnesota
August 27
A pivot irrigation system sprayed water onto a soybean crop just south of Park Rapids in 2016.

Why don't farms water their crops at night?

Keeping fields properly watered is a complex challenge for Minnesota farmers — especially during this year's drought.
Curious Minnesota
August 26
A nurse measured a dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine at a test clinic in Brooklyn Center in January.

Listen: What is the future of COVID-19 and the delta variant?

Reporters Jeremy Olson and Glenn Howatt join the Curious Minnesota podcast to answer reader questions about the latest phase of the pandemic.
Curious Minnesota
August 20
The Hull-Rust-Mahoning taconite mine has left an otherworldly impression on the landscape around Hibbing.

What did the topography of the Iron Range look like before it was mined?

The extraction of ancient iron deposits in northern Minnesota has left its mark on the region.
Curious Minnesota
August 13
Minnesota Power and Xcel Energy have proposed gas-fired power plants that will last 40 years, despite pledges from both utilities to produce all carbo

Where does Twin Cities electricity come from and how is it delivered to homes?

A sophisticated network of power plants, transmission lines and regional grid operators ensures power is available when we need it.
Curious Minnesota
August 6
A group of friends swimming in the Minnesota River in Bloomington in 2020.

Is it safe to swim in Twin Cities rivers, or are they all too polluted?

Swimmers should take precautions when taking a dip in rivers and creeks that are considered impaired for recreation.
Curious Minnesota
July 30
South Tower of Target’s Corporate headquarters and the IDS building were lit purple to mark the one-year anniversary of Prince’s passing on April

Who controls the colorful lights in Minneapolis' night skyline?

Colorful lighting displays on downtown buildings often commemorate major holidays and events.
Curious Minnesota
July 23
A shrine to St. Cloud, the patron saint of the Diocese of St. Cloud, inside St. Mary’s Cathedral in downtown St. Cloud. The statue is a replica of t

How did St. Cloud get its name? It's a strange story

An inside joke in the 1850s had a lasting impact on central Minnesota's hub.
Curious Minnesota
July 16
The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame building in Eveleth. It opened in 1973.

Why is the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame located in tiny Eveleth, Minnesota?

The Iron Range attraction is one of two hockey halls of fame in North America.