Local bestsellers

based on sales at select area bookstores fiction

1. Sail,
by James Patterson and Howard Roughan ($27.99, Little, Brown and Company). Someone is trying to kill a widow and her family.
2. Phantom Prey
, by John Sandford ($26.95, Putnam). A widow finds blood everywhere and her daughter is missing.
3. Nothing to Lose
, by Lee Child ($27, Delacorte). A new Jack Reacher novel.
4. The Boat, by Nam Le ($22.95, Bond Street Books).
Short stories of people and fate.
5. Unaccustomed Earth
, by Jhumpa Lahiri ($25, Knopf). Eight stories of exile, identity, disappointment and maturation.

1. When You Are Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris ($25.99, Little, Brown). Series of essays.
2. The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch ($21.95, Hyperion). A guide to a rich and satisfying life.
3. What Happened
, by Scott McClellan ($27.95, PublicAffairs). A look at Bush's administration.
4. The Monster of Florence,
by Douglas Preston, Mario Spezi ($25.99, Grand Central Publishing). A writer pursues the story of a serial killer.
5. The Post-American World,
by Fareed Zakaria ($25.95, W.W. Norton). An assessment of where American is today and where it's going.