The St. Paul Saints are paying up today.

Last week, as more of an attention grab than anything else, the independent minor-league baseball  promised to give away $10,000 to someone who retweeted their plan to give away the money.

Given that No. 16 seeds in the men's tournament were 0-135, it seemed like a very, very low-risk proposition.

Then, along came the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, which defeated No. 1 seed Virginia on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, Saints general manager Derek Sharrer said: “This is one of the more rewarding payouts we’ve ever been involved with. “I look at this as it being very much in line with the Saints Way. This is the kind of fun we’ve always enjoyed having and providing for the fans.”

And now, at 1 p.m., the Saints are drawing the name of a winner. Is it you?

You can watch here or on the Saints' Twitter page.

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