This was going to be the weekend when a lot of us would have stopped everything else to watch the men's basketball Final Four, including tonight's semifinals, before they were canceled owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While sports networks are offering up their best efforts at surrogate programming, a former Gophers player is stepping up for his teammates and Minnesota fans.

Kendal Shell is hosting a YouTube meet-up for former teammates and coach Tubby Smith at 6 p.m. tonight to watch the Gophers-UCLA game from the 2013 NCAA tournament.

Yes, there are spoilers everwhere, and chances are they aren't going to gather to relive a defeat, but we'll withhold more information about the game in this space -- other than there will be a former Timberwolves player sighting in the UCLA lineup.

Here's the link to watch:

A few days ago, Shell was host to a meet-up to watch the 2013 game between the Gophers and Indiana, which included the game video and real-time comments by Smith and the players. You can watch it here.

Caution: There's some audio mayhem at the beginning of the Indiana game as Shell got everyone, including Smith, set up. Hope for things to go more smoothly tonight.